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Ceramic is stable and hygienic

Professional ceramic tile installation ensures long-term stability, hygiene and beauty of floors and walls.

When properly installed using dedicated adhesives, ceramic tiles bond firmly to the underlying screed. This may seem a minor detail, but it has many important consequences, including economic aspects. A well laid tiled floor is stable and reduces the risk of tripping, it is long lasting and does not need to be replaced frequently due to lifting or deterioration, and its beauty remains intact for many years.

Also, ceramics are…

Ceramic is versatile
For floors in homes, offices, shops, restaurants, bars and many other applications, the market offers materials that are often described as being similar to ceramic in terms of application versatility and variety of sizes and styles. In reality, ceramic is versatile in all conditions of use thanks to its natural raw materials, its resistance, the enormous aesthetic variety of its surfaces and the wide range of porcelain and single-fired tile sizes. Ceramic is available in the form of large slabs, tiles of all sizes and thicknesses, planks, strips and mosaics, making it the ideal choice for indoor and outdoor areas of all kinds.
Ceramic is beautiful
The interior flooring market offers various types of materials that are often considered equivalent to ceramic in terms of their aesthetics and functionality. In reality, ceramic tile does not contain plastic and offers countless stylistic solutions such as marble, wood, stone and concrete effects and much more, making it the ideal choice for floors in all types of interiors. You can always find a ceramic tile with exactly the right surface to bring style and safety to the floors of any contemporary living space.
Ceramic offers value for money
When looking for a flooring material for your home,office or business, you might be tempted to make a decision based on price. Butyou need to be careful because some types of floors may at first glance seemcheaper but in reality have to be replaced more frequently, resulting ingreater long-term expense. Ceramic does not contain plastic and you shouldconsider its price in the light of its resistance and durability, which are farsuperior to those of other materials. When you go to a flooring materialsstore, ask the retailer to tell you about the characteristics of ceramic tilesand you’ll discover they offer great value for money.
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