Countless advantages

But ceramic...
is a safe choice

Unlike some flooring materials that are healthy and durable as long as strict instructions for use and maintenance are followed, ceramic is intrinsically hygienic and hard wearing.

A unique material

Benefits of ceramics

Hard wearing

Some floors don’t deteriorate or expand… as long as they are maintained...

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Resistant to bacteria, mould and fungi

Some floors do not harbour bacteria, mould or fungi… as long as specific cleaning products...

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Scratch resistant

Some floors are durable and resistant to wear and tear… as long as they are...

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Some floors can withstand fire… as long as it is put out immediately. But ceramic...

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Some floors do not give off acidic, corrosive or toxic fumes… as long as a fire doesn’t break out...

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Some floors are recyclable… as long as the layers they are made of are separated one by one...

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Professional ceramic tile installation ensures long-term stability, hygiene and...

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