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Ceramic is versatile

Ceramic is suitable for any application, whether on floors, walls, countertops or tables.

The Oxford English dictionary defines the word “versatile” as “able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities”.

But what does this mean in the case of ceramic? Does it mean it can be used anywhere? The answer is “yes”, because in recent years technological innovation in the ceramic industry has focused on creating products tailored to specific uses and applications.

Ceramic tiles for exterior use have high resistance to thermal stresses and weathering. They come with non-slip surfaces to prevent the risk of slipping over in rain or for installation around swimming pools or with characteristics that make them suitable as rainscreen cladding for large buildings.

By contrast, ceramic tiles for interiors come with small thicknesses suitable for residential floors and walls and in large sizes ideal for use in public spaces such as supermarkets and airports.Ceramic tiles are also suitable for furnishing applications such as bathroom and kitchen countertops.

They also come in an enormous variety of shapes and sizes. Alongside the classic 20×20 cm square format, they are now available in a vast array of shapes and sizes ranging from micromosaics just a few millimetres in size to large slabs and panels with side lengths of three metres or more. Finally, tiles come in an unlimited range of colours, designs, decorations and finishes.

With such a vast selection of product types, shapes, sizes and surface designs, you’re sure to find the tile that’s right for you.

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